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enliveo is software as a service that allows organizations, government entities, educational institutions, and healthcare groups and plans to virtually build secure, web-based communities.

enliveo provides the ability to develop and manage live and recorded content as well as facilitate virtual interactions between community members. 

For those who read in other languages, enliveo’s site translates into Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, and Spanish, in addition to English. 

enliveo is easily accessible on any internet-ready device, including tablets through our downloadable apps.

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Community building on enliveo

enliveo is a platform to build and host online communities, providing the interface for interactive and live virtual classes, hosted content, and peer-to-peer chat. enliveo provides an easy-to-use interface that allows organizations to easily host their own classes and develop a vibrant online community for their clients. Easily expand your in-person programming virtually for a truly hybrid community. As a fully customizable interface, organizations can add their own branding and customize their participants’ experience.

A ready-to-go solution for organizations ready to launch their virtual community

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