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At enliveo, we’ve learned a lot from older adults over the age of 75 and from those who care for them. One important message has been very consistent and clear. New topics for discussion and interactive activities are a lifeline for keeping a strong bond and helping your loved one maintain a deeper connection while engaging in the larger community around them. 

The enliveo CARE PARTNER PROGRAM is a two-for-one subscription to the full enliveo experience. Both care partners and older adults can become subscribers for the price of one. Whether you’re the daughter, son, spouse, aide, neighbor, grandchild, or friend, you and your loved one have full access to the easy-to-use platform available on any computer and our app, available for both iOS and Android systems. 


Our special registration for the CARE PARTNER PROGRAM is simple and easy. As a Care Partner, you can simply sign up below and manage the sign up process on behalf of your loved one who might need help signing up themselves. Our Help Desk is on standby to offer assistance if needed.


An annual billing of $99 annually for two people.
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Course Ideas

You can try something new or stick with the tried and true. It’s all up to you.

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